Focus Areas

Imagineering Design provides services targeted at a number of areas, including:

  • Complete product design and development
  • System component development (as part of a larger system, including hardware and/or software)
  • Existing product enhancement or redesign
  • Design for manufacture, including small-scale production


Internal Capabilities

As part of our standard operations we provide the following services:

  • Requirements generation
  • Project management
  • Electronic hardware design
  • Embedded software engineering
  • Bespoke web design


External Capabilities

To augment our internal design capabilities, we also collaborate with leading local businesses to provide related services, including:

  • Circuit board manufacturing
  • Mechanical and Industrial design
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Specialised engineering services
  • Intellectual Property services


Electronic Hardware

  • Programmable devices (processors, FPGAs)
  • User interface (graphical) display components
  • Motor control
  • Device communications (machine to machine and Internet connectivity)
  • RF communications (3G, WiFi, Bluetooth)
  • Low power design
  • Audio and video processing


Software Development

  • Embedded software design
  • Real-time system design
  • High-level application and control software
  • Low-level driver and hardware interface software
  • Digital signal processing
  • Serial and network communications
  • Bespoke web design and development

“Innovation comes to you from creators who do have a vision and a passion, and that is how we succeeded.”
– Warren Littlefield